Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Art Projects in the Works

I have so many art projects going that it's starting to make my head spin!  I need to hunker down and actually finish some of these.  Do you start more projects than you finish? It's crazy but I can't seem to help myself.

This is a collage idea I had using some of my old watercolor paintings and my scrap-booking paper.  I've glued them onto a board- now I just need to go get some modge podge to finish it.

paper art collage: growcreativeblog

Thanks to buzzfeed, I've had a ton of custom portrait orders the past few weeks! I don't know what they wrote about my work on that site, but it's sending lots of business my way so I'm happy :)

Custom Watercolor Portrait by Elise Engh: Grow Creative Shop
Custom Watercolor Portrait by Elise Engh: Grow Creative Shop

And in the middle of all of that I decided to start another girl-with-flowers painting.  Still needs some work.
Watercolor Flower Wreath

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Monday, April 18, 2016

Photos of the Week

The upside of moving a lot is that you always have new places to explore and discover!

fishing pond in Utah: growcreative
duck pond in Utah: growcreative

The downside is all the hassle of moving so we're staying put for a long long time.  We'll explore everything around us and I think that will take many years.  A short 20 minute drive from our desert-y home took us to lush green alfalfa fields and large leafy trees.  We don't see so much of that in our neighborhood so it was fun to be surrounded by green!
American Fork, UT alfalfa fields: growcreative
American Fork, UT alfalfa fields: growcreative

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