Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Watercolor Lettering Practice

Watercolor Lettering Designs: growcreative

I'm trying to break into the lettering trend and I've had an explosion of design ideas...... some good........some needing improvement.  

I'm posting some of this stuff just so you can see how much I really do practice at this art thing.  It's not a given.  It takes work and sacrificing some materials to get there. I find I'm freer with my ideas if I stop worrying about wasting paper and just let myself work and re-work designs out. 

Watercolor Lettering Designs: growcreative
Watercolor Lettering Designs: growcreative
Watercolor Lettering Designs: growcreative

A few of these are available in my shop.  Another post to come on that later!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Photos of the Week: Valentines

It's almost Valentine's Day.................. and so my yearly heart photography tradition continues!

Valentine's confetti heart
Valentine's seashell heart
Valentine's confetti hearts
Valentine's watercolor paints and brushes heart

I'm glad I've had a blog long enough to make this a tradition.  Let's see ........ I've done the heart photography thing for ....................five years now.  It's been awesome! But I'm starting to run out of ideas.  I've now made hearts o most of my art and craft supplies, my son's play dough, and gummy bears.  It will be a challenge to see how long I can keep this going!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Creative Space

My art room is a work in progress, but I do have a shelf up now!
I'm so blessed to have a room for my passion, my hobby, and my sanity.  Here's a peek into what I call my "art room".  
P.S. Its usually not this clean........

craft/ art room storage: grow creative
craft/ art room storage: grow creative

My table is littered with watercolor lettering attempts and all kinds of ideas.  I have too many ideas in my head to paint right now!

This bulletin board makes me happy- so many cool color schemes to draw from.

color inspiration bulletin board
craft/ art room storage and decor: grow creative

What is your creative space like?