Monday, September 26, 2016

Photos of the Week

Fall has the best color of the year.  It takes the cake! This is the view from the school that I get to marvel at when I drop my son off for the day.

Please note that no editing was used on these photos.  These are the real deal.... the real colors with real intensity. 

Sagebrush, mountains, and lake in yellow and blue: Grow Creative Blog

Fall Sunflower: Grow Creative Blog

Blossoming Yellow Sage Brush

And these beauties are my purple asters growing in my front yard.  I don't know why I didn't try planting these earlier!

Purple Aster Flowers: Grow Creative Blog
Purple Aster Flowers: Grow Creative Blog

It's on bad-headache-days like today that I really appreciate the beauty of my little world.  I don't have to go far to enjoy it. Even if I have to spend most of my day in bed, I can get up once in a while, walk to the front porch, and smile.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Fall Forest Landscape

Watercolor Forest Landscape Painting by Elise Engh
Watercolor Forest Landscape Painting by Elise Engh
Watercolor Forest Landscape Painting by Elise Engh

The leaves have changed in the mountains here and it's gotten me in the mood to paint some fall forest scenes!

I've got a lot to improve in the landscape department, but this, I feel, is a good start. My painting doesn't look much like the photo I painted from either.  I have a more loose style.  I guess I've never been into photo-realism.  I figure, you can use a camera for that.   For painting, I like to use looser, more intuitive strokes with feeling!

Monday, September 19, 2016

Photos of the Week

Another adventure to a local waterfall.  Battle Creek Falls in Pleasant Grove is a beautiful hike!

Green and yellow fall leaves: grow creative blog
Battle Creek Falls: Grow Creative Blog

Battle Creek Falls Trail: Grow Creative Blog

The fall colors were showing here and there and it was actually cold! We aren't quite ready to pack our shorts up for the winter, so that was a shock to us.

How lucky we feel that we have all these amazing hikes so close to us! You don't have to go to Disneyland (all though, that's pretty awesome too) or even the National Parks.  You can explore your own backyard and have a lovely time.  Just remember to bring a jacket!


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