Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Finger Painting with Oils!

 For once, it's not watercolors!  It's oils!

oil flower paintings: grow creative blog
oil flower painting: grow creative blog

My artist sister-in-law ( Emily Engh) showed me the work of an oil painter (Iris Scott)  who paints with her fingers (with gloves on of course) and we decided to try out the oil finger painting technique ourselves.  It's been for-ev-er since I've painted with oils.  These floral paintings are what came out of our experiment session!

Back in college I fell in love with oil painting because of the richness of the paints and the amazing textures you can create.  I thought I would be an oil painter forever.... haha! 

Now that I'm primarily a watercolor artist, I don't use oils very often, but I still have a thing for oils. There were my first love, after all.  

Check out these textures!

oil floral textures: grow creative blog
oil flower paintings: grow creative blog
oil flower painting: grow creative blog

Monday, May 15, 2017

Photos of the Week

I've always thought of it as a special gift for women that flowers come out just in time for Mother's Day.  My front-yard poppies gave me a little present this year and popped out just in time!

coral poppy flower: grow creative blog

The wildflowers came out too, so I went on a little excursion to collect them :)

orange globemallow wildflowers: grow creative blog

Monday, May 8, 2017

Photos of the Week

It finally feels like spring here in Utah! We took advantage of it with two mountain hikes and a lunch-date walk by the Lindon Marina at Utah Lake.  I need to meet Eric for lunch walks more often :)

If you can brave the gnats, the lake has some beautiful views to offer........ but ya........ bugs! We couldn't get too close to the shore without getting eaten.  So it's best to view from a distance!

My life feels like a whirlwind right now, constantly moving with little time to stop.  The custom painting orders keep coming- which is awesome! And we are in the process of landscaping our big back yard. It's time consuming, but we are working toward our dream and we are loving it.

I thought I would be dreading Mother's Day once again this year.  No leads on the adoption front, so we are still a one-child-family.  But I've felt such peace in my life.  It's a great blessing to feel content even if life isn't perfect.  I am so happy these days and my life is full of good things!


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