Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Kid's Sharpie Canvas Art Project

creative sharpie art project

I've made a goal this summer to spend some quality art time with my son.  He's eight and growing up fast! And even though art is not his favorite thing to do, I've found that if I can frame an art project as an "experiment" (which it really is), he is much more willing to try it.  

This sharpie canvas art project is my favorite one we've tried! And I love being able to connect with my son this way.  We made it more about the process than about the final product.  We just wanted to see what happened when we drew crazy patterns with different types of markers and sprayed them with rubbing alcohol.  We discovered a few fun things along the way!  

So keep reading below to see how we made this fun collaborative piece of art!

create art with kids
Kids Sharpie Canvas Art

wrapped canvas or canvas board
small spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol
sharpie markers
washable markers

Step 1: Use your imagination and start drawing any patterns or designs on your canvas that strike your fancy.  It worked out for us that my son drew a funny face in the middle and I worked on the edges.

kids sharpie art on canvas

Step 2:  Fill in the white spaces, varying the colors and patterns.  You can use sharpies or washable markers for this. We found that washable markers spread more easily after spraying with the rubbing alcohol- so I highly recommend trying it!

kids sharpie and crayola art on canvas

Step 3:  Spry your entire canvas with rubbing alcohol.  You can spray sections as you fill them in (that's what we did) and then spray the whole thing all over again after its all colored in.  I think spraying while the markers are wet helps the ink spread and blend more easily.

rubbing alcohol and sharpie art project for kids

Step 4: (optional)  Keep the experiments going! My son tried pressing down paper on the wet canvas to see what cool patterns would transfer onto the paper.  So cool! He thinks it looks like little pixels and I agree.

We also tried scraping the canvas with the tips of markers to create some extra texture.  You could use popsicle sticks, an old credit card, or all kinds of things to do this!

rubbing alcohol and sharpie art project for kids
rubbing alcohol and sharpie art project for kids

Your canvas will dry fairly quickly and before you know it, you'll have a colorful abstract piece of art to hang up!

Looking for more art project ideas for your kids?  I've got a few more in store for you!

Monday, July 17, 2017

Photos of the Week

golden thistles

I finally got myself down to the lake this summer. No swimming though- the disgusting algae bloom is back at Utah Lake- ugggh! 

It's such a shame that this beautiful place gets used as a dumping ground in Utah. It could be such a wonderful resource! At least I get to enjoy the plants and birds that live near the shore and I get to see the lake with the mountains rising above it from my own front porch.  

Bird of Utah Lake
West side of Utah Lake
Utah Lake Shore in Summer
Bird of Utah Lake
West side of Utah Lake

If I want to spend anytime outdoors during the daylight hours, it has to be before 8am these days.  I don't mind that too much. I've always been more of an early riser.  I get my yard work done and enjoy a walk before the world wakes and I love the solitude!

Monday, July 10, 2017

Photos of the Week

Have you ever seen green and pink leaves?  I was lucky enough to see my first in Logan Utah!  I may have taken a few too many photos of them, but hey, it's not every day you see leaves this beautiful.

pink and green leaves in logan utah: grow creative blog
pink and green leaves in logan utah: grow creative blog

This is a flower shot from our family trip to Great Basin National Park! We stayed at a cute retreat with the most gorgeous roses.

red roses at hidden canyon retreat: grow creative blog

And lastly, a shot of some wildflowers at the top of Logan canyon.  I need to live in the mountains one day.  Every time I'm up in a mountain, my trouble vanish and I find that I can breathe again (physically and mentally).  I'm always reluctant to leave!

purple wildflowers logan canyon: grow creative blog