Thursday, July 21, 2016

Free Floral Wreath Coloring and Watercolor Pages

Free Floral Wreath Coloring and Watercolor Pages: grow creative blog

Hello friends!

Today I'm following two big trends: floral wreaths and coloring pages.  I've combined the two to create a fun freebie for your readers.   So click on the images below to download your free coloring page.  You can color this one in with colored pencils or markers. 

Free Floral Wreath Coloring Page: grow creative blog

I went the extra mile and made another version of this floral wreath just for use with watercolors! Print this lighter coloring page on some watercolor paper and fill in with watercolor paints and brush. 

Free Floral Wreath Watercoloring Page: grow creative blog
Watercolor Floral Wreath Free Printable: growcreative
Free Floral Wreath Coloring and Watercolor Pages: grow creative blog

Have fun coloring and painting! 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Fluid Watercolor Poppies

Two poppy paintings in different colors and with slightly different compositions.  The more I paint, the easier it is to be loose and fluid with my watercolor paints.  It's my favorite way of using them!

Pink, blue, purple poppies paintings in watercolor: growcreativeblog
watercolor flowers by Elise Engh
Blue and Green Poppy
watercolor poppies by Elise Engh
Pink, Purple, Indigo Poppy

Now in my Etsy Shop

Monday, July 18, 2016

Photos of the Week

red roses photograph
red roses photograph
summer sunset

I sorta cheated this week- I took these photos years ago. I just never posted them! For what reason, I don't remember, but at least I can post them now.  I'm thinking I wanna paint those roses!

My energy is so sporadic these days and it can be frustrating. I'll have a couple of good energy days and I'll think I'm finally getting better and then I hit a wall and I'm wiped out for a few days or even a week after that.

I really really appreciate the times I do have energy though and I make the most of it.  I had energy to create a custom portrait, mail my Cactus and Tepee Paper Collage piece to a friend, clean my car (that hasn't happened in about a year), make strawberry jam, make a free coloring page for the blog (I'll post that this week), and take my son swimming.  That is good for me!


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