Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Bedroom Decorations

When I moved to a new apartment, I needed to figure out some new decorations for my bedroom.  I love the frame collages I've been seeing everywhere, so I made one of my own.  I bought some thrift store frames and painted them with white spray paint.  I actually ran out of spray paint and didn't get them coated completely.  There is just a little of the original wood color showing through, but I like it this way.  It makes the frames look weathered and kind of antique.

The artworks in the frames are my very own too!  Mostly stuff from my college days that were just sitting around collecting dust.

I also found this nice little hanging board at the thrift store.  It just needed a little cleaning.  Its perfect for my room!  I now have a handy dandy place to hang my purse and camera.

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