Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tai Pan Copy

Last weekend, my wonderful husband gave me the morning off and took our son to his parent's house, leaving me with time to rest and to do some crafting.  I ended up walking over to Tai Pan Trading to drool over the decorations.  I just love the stuff there! Even though it is very reasonably priced, I still have no extra money to spend on decorating right now.  So, I found some cute things I could copy.  I just love doing that! I get a deep satisfaction out of making something cute with stuff I already have.  Mostly because its free, but also because it helps me use up junk I have lying around.

So, this is a Christmas decoration I found that I absolutely love.  Too bad it costs about $20.

This is an old canvas I had at home that I used to copy the Tai Pan decoration.  It seriously needed a make-over.

First I glued some scrapbook paper onto the canvas with some Modge Podge.  I drew and cut out a bird and stuck that on top.  Then I used a little ink to outline the bird and to distress the edges of the canvas to make it look a worn.  I love the antique worn look!  

And this is what I ended up with!  I'm happy with it.  It looks a whole lot better than it did before.


  1. I actually like it better than the original.

  2. Oh my goodness! I love it! I'm so proud to be your sister, although I'm a little jealous that I didn't get any of the creative genes you have. :) I don't have much money to spend on decorating either, but my walls just stay bare because I can't do that kind of thing.