Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cranberry Stamp Cards

I found another awesome idea last week!  Using cranberries for stamps!  I never would have thought of that myself, so its a good thing I found the idea over at AlisaBurke.

So, to start out, you cut some cranberries in half.  They have a cool design inside that I never noticed, probably because I had never actually bought fresh cranberries before :)

cranberry halves

And to make it easier for stamping, I stuck toothpicks in the ends.

cranberry stamps

Then you dip them into ink or paint and press them onto your paper.  This first card here I used ink.  For the other two below it I used tempera paint. Its really easy and you also have lots of cranberries left over to make some yummy bread with!


  1. That is pretty cool! I might have to try that!

  2. way cute girl! i love the owl one for sure:)