Monday, January 10, 2011

My first sewing project

 My wonderful loving mother gave me a sewing machine for Christmas this year and I was a little scared to use it at first.  I have used a sewing machine before, but not since my high school days.  So, here is my first sewing project with my new machine!  Its more fun than I remembered!

flower pillow

I opted to start out with the most simple thing you could sew, a pillow.  I hope to advance to sewing skirts one day, but that may be a while :)


  1. Hey looks good! Nice fabric choice to. See sewing is fun! haha!

  2. Yet another time when I wished we lived closer to each other. I still haven't started my bed skirt because I changed my mind about the fabric I bought and haven't found what I want yet. I would love to make some throw pillows for our bed too once that's done. Good job!