Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Straw Painting Art Tutorial

Straw Blowing Art

Well, hello everyone! I hope you are ready for another abstract watercolor tutorial!  I just love doing these.  I think what I like most is (hopefully)  inspiring others and helping them to discover that they can be creative :)

Watercolor Paper
Watercolor paints and brush
Stiff board to tape your paper too (optional)
Masking Tape (optional)

Step 1: If you would like a nice border around your painting, tape your watercolor paper down to a board with masking tape. 

Step 2:  Choose your color palette for your painting.
If you aren't quite sure how to go about this you can pick colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.  You could do: yellow, green, blue or red, orange yellow.

Step 3:  Load up your paint brush with some nice water-loaded watercolor paint.  You need the paints to be really runny for the straw technique to work.

Step 4:  Drop some wet watercolor paint onto your paper and blow the paint around with a straw.

  You can drip paint randomly all over your paper or try a more planned technique.  For this painting here, I dripped the paint most heavily at the bottom of the paper and blew it upwards with the straw.  You could also try dripping your paint in the center of the page and blowing it outwards in all directions.  Just experiment and have fun!

Straw Blowing Art

Step 5:  Continue to drip more paint onto your paper, alternating colors as you go.  You can drip layers onto other wet drips or wait till the first drips dry.  I did a little of both.  If you drip wet paint into wet paint you can watch the colors mix on the paper!  I find this fascinating!

Straw Blowing Art
Straw Blowing Art

Step 6.  Keep layering until you are satisfied with the look of your painting, then let it dry completely.  A blow dryer will speed up the process, but be careful.  The air from the blow dryer may move your wet paint around.

Step 7:  Carefully peel off the masking tape from the edges of your painting.  Go slowly- the tape tends to rip the paper if you're not careful.

Sign your painting and enjoy your new abstract artwork!

For another abstract art idea, check out my Abstract Watercolor Tutorial.

Watercolor Straw Blowing Painting


  1. I love it! I haven't thought about blow painting in years. It is perfect for when you need something unique to match your decor. I just may have to try this. Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a sweet comment, it is much appreciated.

  2. That is really cool! Visiting from TRH!

  3. I've done something similar to this before, but mine didn't look as cool as yours! I'd hang yours on a wall. My projects went in the garbage:)

  4. What a neat idea! I love the results... maybe I can "paint" after all!! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

  5. I am a newbie follower here and totally love this blow/straw painting. I'll be giving this a go soon and will post my results. Brilliant, can't wait to do it.

  6. This is great! I'm pinning it. Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. Love! My niece just made a crayon art. Sending this to her so she can try it. :-) Thanks for sharing.

  8. Ooh, I love this and so will my kids. I can't wait to do it with them!

  9. Hmmm.. this does look like fun! (0; Thanks for sharing how. I'll have to give this technique a try over the weekend! Hope yours is a good one! ~tina

  10. Tried this out with my two little boys. Was a fun project for a rainy day. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!

  11. Hi. I have a BFF who is learning air brush painting. She made a 'mistake' one night that prosuced this effect & her teacher said that it wasn't right. Her answer was 'Maybe to you, but I just discovered a new technique I can use with another technique for water colour drawings' One mans poison etc. I am going to forward this page on to her. I keep meaning to tell her that this effect can be produced with a straw & this will explain it, WITH PICTURES. Love your site. You are very talented & explain everything so well.

  12. Well, hello everyone! I hope you are ready for another abstract watercolor tutorial! I just love doing these. I think what I like most is (hopefully) inspiring others and helping them to discover that they can be creative.
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  13. beautiful! i love this and your blog. i could spend hours looking at all of your stuff. glad i stumbled across your cute space (:



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