Thursday, February 7, 2013

Inspired by "Grandpa Green"

 Every once in a while I find a children's book with AMAZING illustrations and I kind of/sort of try to copy them...

Watercolor Leaf Illustration

I may or may not be successful, but I'm happy with these two little paintings that were inspired by the book Grandpa Green.  It's a cute book with cute illustrations.

These are now up for sale, just click the links below to see them in my Etsy shop.

                               Grandpa Green 5x7                                                Grandpa Green 4x6

What children's books inspire you?  Right now I'm  liking anything by Eric Carle and a book called Have You Ever Seen A Smack of Jellyfish.  The Jellyfish book has my wheels turning with it's cool animal silhouette illustrations.


  1. I do like your leafy designs - I am a big fan of all things leafy. Betty