Monday, March 17, 2014

Come and Get it- $15 and under sale!

Spring is a good time for cleaning up the house..... and the shop.  I have quite a few pieces that need to go (bookmarks, hats, paintings), so enjoy my spring cleaning sale!  I have 21 items on sale for $15 or less... just check out my CLEARANCE SECTION.


  1. Your artwork is lovely and "fresh". I am glad you find peace and renewal in your art. You suffer from pain a lot don't you, and being able to just "get away" from it with art or crochet or whatever you love to do, helps. I knit and am wanting to art journal and get into mixed media goodies. I am acquiring supplies to get started. I suffer from chronic pain due to rheumatoid arthritis and other medical issues caused from chemo and radiation. My dogs and good friends and family keep me going. I often wonder what I would have done without my little furry friends at times. I should send you a picture of my oldest boy Stan who just turned 10 for you to practice water colour on him. With you style I think you would do a wonderful job!!!!!! Thank you Elise for all your sharing and inspiration! I enjoy your photo's of the area you live. Lots of different plants and things there than here in Victoria, BC Please don't stop doing that.
    big hugz

  2. Love the bicycle!!! Absolutely awesome!!