Hi Friends! Thanks for reading my blog.
In case you were wondering, here is a little bit about me:

I'm an artist:
Watercolor is my main thing right now.   I love how expressive that medium is and I'm always thinking of new ways to use it.  I have lots and lots of watercolor tutorials up on this blog so far and will have many more to come!

Recently, I've started blogging for Craftsy as well.  I post watercolor tutorials, painting ideas, and roundups at the Craftsy Painting Blog.

As far as art abilities go, I'm a believer in practicing.  As a former art teacher, I believe that everyone has a little bit of an artist in them somewhere :)

I'm an amateur photographer:
Photography is one way I stay grateful and happy!  As I've worked to overcome health problems over the years, I've made it a habit to go out and take pictures of whatever beauty I can find. I practice seeing the beauty in the world and it has healed my soul. Every time I go out with my camera and try to see the good it has blessed my life, lifted my spirits, and helped me to know God is really there. Thank goodness for the invention of the digital camera! My life would not be the same without adventures with my family and my camera.

I am a crocheter:
I learned to crochet from my grandmother when I was 12 and then picked it up again as a stay-at-home-mom.  I love this form of sewing!  It's incredibly relaxing and helps me unwind. Plus I love making pretty things for my home.

I'm a wife and mother:
-Married to a smarty-pants computer dude who also loves to cook (lucky me!) 
-Mother to one awesomely fun eight-year-old who wants to be exactly like his Dad when he grows up! We have lots of adventures together and it's a good life.

Being a mother is the best job I have ever had.  We are unable to have more children of our own and we cherish the time we have with our son, our nieces, and nephews much more because of that fact. Children are a beautiful gift!

We are now looking to adopt, to bring more children into our home.  Please check out our adoption blog: Eric and Elise Adopt to read more about our family and feel free to share with anyone you know who is considering this option.

I'm a Mormon:
My religion is my life.  I believe in God and I know He cares about all of us.  I don't have answers for all the questions in life, like why He allows bad things to happen to us, but I know He loves us infinitely and completely. He can help us overcome any struggle in our lives and heal any heartbreak.

If you have questions about my blog, tutorials, copyrights, or even personal stuff, adoption plans or my religion, please send me a note!

Contact Info:

Email:  elise.engh3@gmail.com

Instagram: @elise_engh

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